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Executive Orders

The State Library of Kansas maintains an archive of those Executive Orders issued by previous Governors that have been preserved electronically.  You may find them by clicking here.

Executive Order 16-01

by Eileen Hawley | Jan 08, 2016

Executive Order 16-01
Protecting Kansas from Terrorism

WHEREAS, the well-being of the State of Kansas and its citizens continues to be threatened by the scourge of international terrorism; and

WHEREAS, Kansas locations previously have been targeted for terrorist acts of violence, and the perpetrators have been apprehended and prosecuted; and

WHEREAS, recent terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino have heightened concern about protecting Kansas and ensuring the safety and security of our citizens; and

WHEREAS, the terrorist perpetrators of the Paris attacks had ties to refugee populations; and 

WHEREAS, we have learned just this week of federal charges filed in Texas and California against terrorist operatives that entered the United States as refugees; and

WHEREAS, I have concluded that the admission of some refugees to the State of Kansas presents an unacceptable risk to the safety and security of the State of Kansas, and thus State government must take action to ensure that it does not assist in the relocation of such refugees to Kansas from anywhere in the world; and

WHEREAS, Kansas should and will remain welcoming to refugees as to which we can be assured there is no risk to the safety and security of our citizens.

NOW, THEREFORE, pursuant to the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Kansas, I hereby order and direct as follows:

No department, commission, board or agency of the government of the State of Kansas shall aid, cooperate with, or assist in any way the relocation of refugees that present a safety and security risk to the State of Kansas, until such time as an adequate vetting process is in place with adequate assurances to the State. This Order includes, but is not limited to, the Kansas Refugee Program, the Refugee Resettlement Program and the Refugee Social Service Program administered within the Kansas Department for Children and Families, and the Kansas Refugee Preventive Health Program administered within the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Furthermore, this Order also includes the funding or administration of any grant program under the authority of the State of Kansas.

Executive Order 15-07 dated November 16, 2015, is hereby rescinded and replaced with this Executive Order 16-01. This document shall be filed with the Secretary of State as Executive Order No. 16-01 and shall become effective immediately.

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