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Governor Sam Brownback issues Executive Orders

by Eileen Hawley | Feb 10, 2015

TOPEKA – Kansas Governor Sam Brownback today released two executive orders, one rescinding certain Executive Orders and another encouraging employment practices for veterans and disabled individuals.

Executive Order 15-01 rescinds nine previous executive orders and abolishes specific inactive councils, task forces, committees, boards, advisory councils and commissions created through the following Executive Orders:

07-21        rescinds an order signed by Governor Sebelius making the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees/Child Care Providers Together the exclusive majority representative of all registered and licensed family child care providers.  

07-24        is replaced by Executive Order 15-02 and rescinds an order signed by Governor Sebelius that unilaterally established additional “protected class rights” for state employees, specifically for sexual orientation and gender identity.  

08-01        rescinds the order signed by Governor Sebelius establishing the Governor’s Wind Working Group.

08-05        abolishes the the Governor’s P20 Education Council, established by Governor Sebelius.  

09-02        abolishes the Kansas Coalition for Children in Nature established by Governor Seblius. The functions of this coalition duplicate efforts of the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.

10-04        abolishes the Commission on Graduation and Dropout Prevention and Recovery established by Governor Mark Parkinson. Current programs including Jobs for America’s Graduates and Career and Technical Education address these issues more efficiently.

10-08        abolishes the Kansas Broadband Advisory Task Force established by Governor Mark Parkinson.

10-11        abolishes the Kansas Food Security Task Force established by Governor Mark Parkinson.

10-13        abolishes the Interagency Working Group for Wind Energy established by Governor Mark Parkinson.

“Many of these commissions, working groups and task forces have not met for several years or duplicate other ongoing efforts,” Governor Brownback said. “These changes streamline operations and reduce operational costs of maintaining these various committees.”

Executive Order 15-02 reaffirms the commitment of the State of Kansas to employment practices which do not discriminate based on race, color, gender, religion, national origin, ancestry or age. It further establishes that state entities will implement employment management practices for veterans and disabled individuals that include outreach, hiring, support, mentoring, development, rewards and recognition for achievement.

“This Executive Order ensures that state employees enjoy the same civil rights as all Kansans without creating additional ‘protected classes’ as the previous order did,” Governor Brownback said. “Any such expansion of ‘protected classes’ should be done by the legislature and not through unilateral action. The order also reaffirms our commitment to hiring, mentoring and recognizing veterans and individuals with disabilities.”

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