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Governor Sam Brownback broadens Executive Order dealing with refugee resettlement

by Eileen Hawley | Jan 08, 2016

Topeka – Governor Sam Brownback today signed Executive Order No. 16-01, broadening his previous Executive Order 15-07 concerning the resettlement of refugees in the State of Kansas.

The Executive Order, Protecting Kansas from Terrorism, recognizes the continuing threat posed by terrorists and those sympathizing with terrorist organizations.  The order says in part that “no department, commission, board or agency of the government of the State of Kansas shall aid, cooperate with, or assist in any way the relocation of refugees that present a safety and security risk to the State of Kansas, until such time as an adequate vetting process is in place with adequate assurances to the state.”

Statement from Governor Sam Brownback

“Recent events, including the arrest on terrorism charges of two men who entered the country as refugees, demand that we take prudent and responsible action to protect the citizens of Kansas. This is evidence that the Obama administration is disregarding the safety of our citizens through a refugee vetting system that is clearly inadequate.

"It is my responsibility as Governor of this great state to do what we can to protect the citizens of Kansas and I will act to maintain the security of our state.”

Statement from Lt. Governor Jeff Colyer, M.D.

“America will continue to be a country that defends the oppressed, and Kansas will continue to be welcoming to refugees when we can be assured there is no risk to the safety and security of our citizens. 

“We must consider whether refugees fleeing the persecution of their home country may be better served by resettlement in a friendly nation closer to their homes. Our allies in the region must also step up to stem the tide of this humanitarian crisis.”

The full text of the Executive Order may be found at http://governor.ks.gov/media-room/executive-orders/2016/01/08/executive-order-16-01

The indictments for the two individuals who were arrested today in Texas and California may be found at the links below. 
AlHardan Indictment documents

Al-Jayab indictment document
State Seal of Kansas