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Preliminary engineering projects selected

by User Not Found | Feb 12, 2013

Projects ranging from passing lanes to interchanges have been selected by the Kansas Department of Transportation for preliminary engineering.

The projects will be announced today during a three-city tour by Gov. Sam Brownback and Transportation Secretary Mike King. Announcements are being made in Overland Park, Pittsburg and Spearville in Ford County.

“Kansas businesses won’t remain competitive in the future if we don’t have a highway system that allows for efficiency and growth. These projects will help provide the kind of infrastructure that gives our state an economic edge and protects Kansas families,” said Gov. Brownback.

Preliminary engineering refers to the pre-construction work and planning that must be done before actual construction of a road improvement can begin. It includes such things as design work, corridor study and identification of and purchase of right-of-way. Depending on the type of project, the pre-construction phases of a project can take months or years to complete.

            KDOT leaders reviewed about 100 projects and made their final selections based on engineering factors and public recommendations received during a series of local consultation meetings in October. During the meetings conducted throughout the state, more than 450 Kansans participated in discussions about what they thought were the most important regional projects.

“While these projects aren’t programmed for construction now, it’s important that we always have projects in the pipeline,” said Transportation Secretary Mike King.

The preliminary engineering projects selected are listed below by route and grouped by KDOT districts. Also included are some preliminary engineering projects selected earlier and already under way. The complete list of the more than 100 preliminary engineering projects already under way is posted on KDOT’s T-WORKS website.


Northeast Kansas

  • K-4 (Oakland Expressway) Develop design plans for extension from U.S. 24 to 54th Street in Topeka
  • K-99 – Investigate possible safety improvements to accommodate increased oversize truck traffic south of Wamego
  • U.S. 69 – Continue design plans for expansion from Indian Creek north to 103rd Street, Overland Park
  • I-435 and State Avenue – Continue study and engineering work on a tie-in to Village West in Kansas City, Kan.
  • Centennial Bridge, Leavenworth – Location study

PE projects under way

  • I-70 Polk Quincy Viaduct – Develop design plans
  • I-70 Lewis & Clark Viaduct – Develop design plans for Phase 1
  • I-70/K-7 Interchange – Plans are being developed for remaining construction phases

North Central Kansas

  • U.S. 36/U.S. 81 – Research safety improvements to existing interchange
  • K-4 – Location design concept study  from I-135 E to Gypsum

PE projects under way

  • U.S. 36 –   Plans are being developed for pavement replacement from west of Mankato to the east Mankato city limits
  • U.S. 36 – Plans are being developed for pavement replacement from U.S. 81 east to .25 miles east of east Belleville city limits
  • U.S. 56  – Plans are being developed for pavement replacement in McPherson from Eby Street east 1.7 miles


Northwest Kansas

Although there are no new Northwest Kansas projects in this round of announcements, here are some of the projects selected earlier and now under way:

  • U.S. 281 – Reconstruct and widen shoulders from Russell to K-18 in Russell County
  • K-27 Reconstruct and straighten curves seven miles north of Greeley County line to two miles south of U.S. 40 in Wallace County
  • K-383 – Improve alignment; widen shoulders from U.S. 36 northeast to U.S. 183 in Phillips and Norton counties.
  • US-83 –  Plans are being developed for pavement replacement from the Thomas/Sheridan county line to K-23
  • K-383 – Plans are being developed for pavement rehabilitation from  U.S-83 to the Decatur/Sheridan county line


Southeast Kansas

  • K-68 – Preliminary engineering for modernization project from Pomona to Ottawa
  • U.S. 69/U.S. 166/U.S. 400 in Cherokee County – Continue preliminary engineering for four-lane expansion from U.S. 166/U.S. 400 north to the Crawford County line.

PE projects under way

  • U.S. 69 –  Continue design plans for four-lane expansion from K-47 to 3 miles north of Arma (also known as the Arma Connection)
  • U.S. 400 – Design plans for heavy roadway rehabilitation and  passing lanes from the Labette/Cherokee County line east to K-7
  • K-68 –  Developing plans for four-lane expressway from U.S.169 to Louisburg
  • U.S. 69 – Continue preliminary engineering on the Crawford County Corridor


South Central Kansas

  • I-235/I-135/K-254 – Preliminary engineering for interchange in Wichita

PE projects under way

  • U.S. 77 – Plans are being developed for pavement rehabilitation from north of Arkansas City to Winfield
  • I-235 –  Multiple bridge replacements from Zoo Boulevard to Broadway in Wichita
  • U.S. 54 – Plans have been completed for the Kingman bypass
  • U.S. 54 – Plans are near completion of the Pratt bypass
  • U.S. 54 – Design and right-of-way purchase at Greensburg


Southwest Kansas

  • U.S. 54 – Preliminary engineering on a four-lane expansion project. This will add five miles to an already-announced T-WORKS preliminary engineering project to expand U.S. 54 from 10 miles northeast of Liberal to the Seward/Meade county line.  This preliminary engineering work will extend the project five miles to U.S. 160 and address intersection improvements in Plains.
  • U.S. 50 – Preliminary engineering to identify passing lane options from Dodge City to the Ford/Edwards county line, and intersection improvements at Spearville
  • U.S. 160/U.S. 183/K-34 – Study intersection improvements. Funding will come from the Highway Safety Improvement Program.

PE projects under way

  • U.S. 83 – Plans are being developed for pavement rehabilitation and passing lane opportunities from the Oklahoma/Kansas state line to K-51
  • U.S. 83 – Plans are being developed for interchange options and passing lanes in Haskell County from U.S. 56 north at Sublette to one mile south of U.S. 160/K-144
  • U.S. 83 – Plans are being developed for passing lanes beginning four miles north of U.S. 160/K-144 to one mile north of the Haskell/Finney county line.
  • U.S. 83 – Plans are being developed for passing lanes one mile north of the Haskell/Finney county line north to Garden City.



This information can be made available in alternative accessible formats upon request.

For information about obtaining an alternative format, contact the Bureau of Transportation Information,

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