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Governor Signs Nine Bills into Law

by User Not Found | May 15, 2012

Topeka – Kansas Governor Sam Brownback recently signed nine (9) bills, bringing the total number of new laws this session to 113.  He also has vetoed three bills and let two bills become law without his signature.

HB 2471 establishes requirements for the appointment of the three state-licensed administrator members of the Board of Adult Care Home administrators and makes changes to their terms.  It also amends certain statutes regulating the licensure of adults care homes.

SB 134 amends the Pharmacy Act, the Uniform Controlled Substances Act and the Prescription Monitoring Program Act.

SB 262 requires courts give substantial consideration of a grandparent who requests custody of a child who has been removed from custody of a parent and not placed with the child's other parent. If the court does not give custody to a grandparent but places the child in the custody of the Secretary of Social and Rehabilitation Services for placement, then a grandparent who requests placement shall receive substantial consideration in the evaluation for placement, using the factors listed in the bill. If the grandparent is not selected for placement, the Secretary shall prepare and maintain a written report with specific reasons for the finding.

SB 14 amends a statute governing the Newborn Screening Program and certain newborn screening tests to establish a new fund and funding mechanism for the Program.

SB 62 gives more legal protection to Kansas health care providers who refuse to participate in abortions.

HB 2454 creates the Creative Arts Industries Commission (CAIC) within the Department of Commerce.

HB 2655 amends the Kansas Uniform Trust Code.

HB 2631 makes several changes to the Dental Practice Act for the purpose of expanding dental service in the state, including creating an additional extended care permit level of service of dental hygienists via creation of a new permit level; encouraging additional capacity for Kansas residents in dental schools and establishing a volunteer license for retired dentists who choose to donate their services in certain settings.

HB 2777 amends the current special education state aid law to allow the State Board of Education to charge a home school district, the district in which a student would reside or would otherwise be enrolled in if not attending the Kansas State School for the Blind or Kansas State School for the Deaf, for services provided by special teachers who assist in providing special education and related services to students at either school per an individualized education program.

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