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School Efficiency
Recently, Governor Sam Brownback announced the formation of the School Efficiency Task Force to examine school spending and to develop guidelines on how to get more funding into the classroom where teachers teach and students learn.

“Providing a quality education to the children of Kansas is one of the core functions of state government and will remain a top funding priority for my administration,” Governor Brownback said.

“It is critically important for state policy makers to be confident that state resources for education are spent as efficiently and effectively as possible.  We must ensure that classroom teachers have the resources they need to educate effectively.  We need more money in the classroom and less in administration and overhead costs.”

While task force members are researching and analyzing where inefficiencies are occurring in our educational system, they also want to hear from Kansans who interact with the educational system on a daily basis and have examples of inefficiency that they have witnessed or experienced:  students, parents, involved citizens, teachers and administrators. 

Kansans can share their firsthand experiences by completing and submitting the below form.  It may be filled out anonymously or with contact information in the event the task force would like to follow up for more specific information.

Contact Information

Thank you for taking the time to give us your input to improve the educational opportunities for our students.  The fields below are optional and would only be used in the event that we needed to follow up for more specific information about the inefficiency or inefficiencies you are reporting.

Inefficiency Information

Please either include the USD number for the school district or the region of Kansas where you encountered this inefficiency
What part of the educational system is impacted?