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First Month Commitments

It is our intent to roll up our sleeves and immediately get to work on the elements of the Kansas Report Card. A Brownback Administration will be hands-on and active from the very first month. Our actions will be part of an integrated strategy to achieve our stated goals. During our first month in office, we will fulfill the following commitments to alter state government toward a more positive, common-sense and sustainable form:

 Red Check Mark Institute a state general fund spending freeze.
 Red Check Mark Release a Strategic Economic Development Plan that encourages free enterprise, helps small businesses, and builds on our areas of strength in agriculture, aviation, manufacturing, natural resources and energy development, the service sector, transportation, and bioscience. This plan also will focus on ensuring that Kansas workers remain competitive in the national and international marketplace.
 Red Check Mark Review revenue and spending estimates and take necessary steps to produce a balanced budget.
 Red Check Mark Organize within our administration a Citizens Regulatory Review Board to review new regulations before implementation.
 Red Check Mark Make use of Executive Reorganization Orders to make state government’s functions and structure better reflect the needs of Kansans.
 Red Check Mark Authorize with existing resources and empower the Office of the Repealer to make specific recommendations on statutes and regulations that have out-lived their original function, are in conflict with one another, or simply do not make sense.

Certainly these first actions constitute only a start on the road of progress we will need to travel as a state. The challenges that we face in Kansas—and indeed in America—are not only very significant, they are of a depth and duration we have not seen for some time. Meeting those challenges will take effort, intensity, and purpose.

During our time in office, we will work in full partnership with the Kansas Legislature to create policies and initiatives that have a hard focus on our areas of concentration that will drive the results of our Kansas Report Card: Growing the Kansas Economy, Excelling in Education, Reforming State Government, and Protecting Kansas Families.